Junction Board

Junction Box

Compliant with IEC 60947-3 standard in a glass fiber reinforced polyester enclosure; NH 00 Size (160A) cover type 3-pole fuse disconnector (Fusible Disconnector Switch with Fusible Wire, IEC 60947-3 Clause 2.10) in 3x100A Junction boxes, the connection of underground cables to the electrical installation of the structures with all necessary auxiliary equipment for connections with neutral and earth busbars. The available structure is designed as a junction box.
The box body and cover are manufactured with glass fiber reinforced polyester hot molding SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) method.
There is a cable clamp at the supply input of the box, and a minimum of 4x35 mm² NYFGbY cable can be fixed for 3x160A HRC fuses. Box inlet and outlet are with union. The box has at least 2 inlet and 2 outlet fittings and the diameters of the fittings are the same.
When the cover is closed, the protection class against access to stressed parts, entry of solid objects and water leakage is IP 54.
Cover and body impact resistance at least IK 10 (Impact)
The (PE) Grounding Bar and (N) Neutral Bus in the cofre are tinned copper in the form of a V clamp suitable for connection without lug.
The boc cover is fixed to the body with the help of a sealable screw. The fuse switch disconnectors in the  box comply with the IEC 60947-3 standard, cover type 3-pole fuse switch disconnector (Fusible Disconnector with Fusible Wire, IEC 60947-3 Clause 2.10) standards. There is HRC 00 Size (160A) 3 pole fused load disconnector in 3x100A  box.
Jucntion Box is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and is suitable for mounting on and under plaster.

It does not rust, does not scratch, does not require paint maintenance.
It does not conduct electricity, it is insulating.
It does not propagate flame and goes out spontaneously.
It does not contain moisture.
It is resistant to atmospheric conditions.
The logo on it can be made as desired.

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