Glass Fiber Polyester Board

Compared to metal panels, glass fiber reinforced polyester panels stand out with their low weight, maintenance free properties, high corrosion resistance and good electrical advantages. Polyester: The glass fiber reinforced polyester used in production has self-extinguishing properties. In addition, technological, mechanical strength and UV filter feature is high level. You are expected to have a low specific weight, the panel is lightweight, easy to transport and easy to install.


  • • Lightweight and modular construction
  • • 100% isolation against touch and contact
  • • Resistance to harsh environmental conditions (acid rain, sun, cold)
  • • 25 years material life
  • • Anti Poster Ribbed Surface
  • • Pressurized discharge behind
  • • Single door, double door and asymmetric door alternatives
  • • Antiperspirant roof structure
  • • Color; (Standard RAL 7035 light gray